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I believe that all foods are good foods, and moderation is the key to success. So, I believe in giving everything in your diet as where there is Craving, it will always lead to Cheating. And by everything, I mean practically everything.

This varies significantly from person to person. The average weight loss that I would say is minimum 4 kgs in a month and maximum has gone upto 7 kgs in a month. The results may vary depending on factors such as how effectively you follow the diet, if there is any physical activity or no in your routine, is there any medical condition attached or no. Besides the weight loss, every body has its own tendencies. One may reduce more in inches than in kgs or vice versa, depending on body's tendency.

As per the services mentioned on website, what ever the service you require, you will be given a consultation for the same in which details about your routine and lifestyle will be taken and accordingly, your personalized diet plan will be made. Your likes and preferences, routine and lifestyle will be kept in mind while preparing your diet chart. Weekly follow ups will be taken, where your weight progress and difficulties, if any, will be discussed.

If you have any pathology report of the past six months, please carry them with you when you visit Nutrifybypoonam Diet and Wellness Clinic for the first time.

An appointment can be scheduled online: Nutrifybypoonam Diet and Wellness Clinic (www.nutrifybypoonam.com) or directly by phone.